L & E Handyman

We have just finished working with L & E Handyman. As a new business, they wanted us to kit them out with all the essential marketing tools to help them get noticed!

The first thing we did was set our design team to create the logo. We went with a simple black and white logo, with a bold graphic to help it stand out and be recognisable. 

Next, our designers created a digital version of the van design (above). This allowed L & E Handyman to see the design and approve it. The digital design also gives our production team something to follow. 

Octagon Lincoln can also fit the van signwriting, so our team did this for L & E too. We were really happy with the outcome of the van and can’t wait to see it out on the roads. 

In addition to the logo and van signwriting, we also embroidered L & E Handyman’s uniform in-house. This is a great form of marketing, especially when you’re out and about a lot. 

Finally, we designed and printed some business cards for L&E Handyman. We made sure these were in-keeping were the other designs and included all the information a customer might want.