We’ve recently completed a number of different projects for Briteshine Cleaning services. They came to us wanting some different marketing solutions and we love that we can do it all in one place! 

Our in-house designer, Adam, set to work designing some business cards and van signage for Briteshine.. We wanted all of the projects to look cohesive and fit in with the companies existing branding and style. 

Once the business cards and van designs were finished, we printed everything and our team got to work fitting the vehicle signage.

We’re really happy with the design and result of the business cards and vans for Briteshine Cleaning Services, keep an eye out for them on the roads in Lincoln! 

Octagon also embroidered some clothing for Briteshine. The team need hard-wearing, warm clothes to wear when out and about as well as showing off their logo to potential customers. Embroidered clothing is a great way to do this, as your logo won’t fade or peel off. 

Finally, Octagon also designed and developed a new website for Briteshine Cleaning Services! We worked closely with the team to make sure we included everything their customers may need to know, such as an about section, their services and contact info. We designed a website that once again, fit in with all their other branding and created a cohesive brand that people would recognise. Check out the Briteshine website by clicking the image below.

If you would like Octagon to help with any of your marketing needs, then get in touch for a free quotation.